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Are you ready to create profits from insights into the MLM Industry that your competition doesn’t have or even knows exist?

“The network marketing industry is in a constant state of change, to not understand theses changes is marketing suicide- understanding them can mean Wealth beyond your wildest dreams!”
If you don’t have a deep understanding of the concepts in this book, every hour you spend working your MLM opportunity could be costing you money and more importantly wasting your time, because many companies today offer no chance of long term residual income despite what you may think!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Subject: A limited time offer from Dale Calvert To: Any serious Network Marketing Professional
Time is money. Some people forget that just because you are involved in an industry that offers you the promise of time and money, doesn’t mean you will ever experience these benefits.

The absolute reality of the situation is that the vast majority of network marketing distributors will end up investing more money and time in their opportunity and they will never experience time freedom and significant residual income!

Some so called MLM Trainers and leaders would like to convince you that this is your uplines fault, your companies fault, the systems fault, etc.

NO, this is just the way it is. 70% of the population will die and not even have enough money to cover their own funeral cost!

That is just the way it is, and nothing is going to change that! That is way it has always been and always will be, 70% of the population will die with their MUSIC STILL IN THEM!

Just be thankful that you don’t have to be one of those people, just the fact that you are reading this tells me that you are on the right road. If you make the right decisions over the next few months and years there is no doubt that you are in an industry that can create total financial independence for you and your family!

However, the most critical point you must understand is that YOU MUST BE CAREFUL WHO YOU ARE LISTENING TO!

Sadly there are many network marketing trainers that are nothing more than great public speakers. Many of these people are trying to teach you how to do, that which THEY HAVE NEVER DONE!

Many upline distributors are advising you ways to build and develop your organization that creates the most income for them, but ultimately will prevent you from developing a solid business on proven business systems and philosophies.

Why should you listen to me?

My name is Dale Calvert and I have been involved in the Network Marketing Industry all my adult life as a million dollar earning distributor, corporate VP and MLM Company owner.My claim to fame is that it took me longer to develop a $10,000 monthly income than anyone I have ever met. Thankfully after 5 years in the industry I was able to leave my corporate job at IBM in Lexington, Kentucky. Online Casino And my 6th year I was making around $75,000 a year which back then was a decent income, considering I had no boss and no time clock to punch.

Finally my 10th year we broke the $100,00.00 a year barrier and our 12th year was our first 1 Million dollar income year and our 13th year we earned over $3 Million dollars. Needless to say many of our down line leaders were earning strong six figure incomes and thousands of our distributors in our 60,000 person down line were making enough money to make a positive difference in their family’s life.

Today we operate Calvert Marketing Group a consulting, coaching, training, and seminar company for the network marketing and internet marketing industries.

The bottom line is I have no agenda, other than to help you with some of the insights and understanding 27 years in this industry has given me.

Most eBooks are written with a slant by an individual who has a vested interest in a particular company, commission plan, or marketing system. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with this, their intentions are wrong, or they are not sincere in the information they are sharing.

However, I believe that most distributors are not fully aware that most of what they are reading is WRITTEN WITH A SLANT, and many times these people end up going down roads that ultimately lead nowhere.

Don’t waste your time with MIM
If you want to make a few hundred extra bucks a month, in my opinion MLM and this book is not for you! Ladies and gentleman there are easier ways! Sale tools at the flea market or something. Network Marketing is about the opportunity to create total financial freedom.Are you a Social Club MLM Member? Many network marketers like hanging out with “people on the team” more than they do people from the local Women’s Club or Kiwanis.
I am not saying that there is anything wrong with this, just don’t fool yourself! To thy own self be true, if you are involved in MLM for the social reasons; great, just don’t think you are going to build a large duplicating organization. “Leadership cannot become part of the group, and I will talk more about that in the book!”

I have said it before, but I will mention it one more time. Be very careful who you are listening to. There are a lot of good people involved in various MLM companies who sincerely want to learn, grow, and build a strong duplicating organization. These are the people I love to work with. It bothers me deeply to see these people being misled, by well intentioned sincere people. Unfortunately many times these people are sincerely wrong.

Here is just a small part of what you are going to learn in this book.

Exactly why most MLM corporate websites are a guaranteed recipe for failure and what you can do about it.
The four different kinds of companies within the MLM Environment today and how to figure out exactly which one of the 4 is right for you.
The inside secret on How large down lines and obnoxious incomes are REALLY MADE but nobody has the guts to tell you this!
The one thing in common the top 10 income earners in every company have in common, but no one talks about, and NO IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!

The market shift of the last 5 years, that nobody has even realized yet Marketing online can be your biggest reason for failure, or success and what will make the ultimate difference for you.
What will be the next big thing and what type of companies that are going to have regulatory problems and why!

See What Others Have To Say … you will know what’s really going on.

I can count on three fingers the people I trust to tell me the truth about the MLM industry.

Dale Calvert is at the TOP of that very short list because he has an uncanny ability to help people help themselves to succeed at a level they never thought possible.

Listen to him because he will give you the information you can’t get anywhere else and for once, maybe for the first time in your life, you will know what’s REALLY going on.”

Ron Henley

if Dale teaches it, it’s Gold!

When I was 22 years old I left everything I knew in my life to follow this Calvert guy. I knew if I could just be around him, that I could grab the success principles that oozed off of him.
I packed up my car, borrowed $500 bucks from my dad and away I went. In the beginning, I sacrificed just to hang out with him. I slept on an air mattress for MONTHS!

Two years of watching, learning and implementing Calvert’s techniques I became the #1 Distributor in my network marketing company.

The principles that Dale teaches have given me the foundation to build a worldwide organization in eight countries. Today I live a life without any limits. We travel all over the world, live in our dream home and drive luxury automobiles. Take my word for it; if Dale teaches it, it’s Gold! I am living proof!

Mike Potillo

Founder of
Have a “Major League” Day!

The Guy Owns a Crystal Ball Dale, I have been reading your “NO FLUFF” MLM Help Newsletter since the mid nineties. All admit, on more than one occasion I wanted to strangle you because you were banging on a particular company I was involved in.

I just want to say this to anyone who reads your writings. LISTEN TO DALE, even if you totally disagree with his insights. It is like the guy has a crystal ball, I have watched him predict every major trend in this industry over the past 15 years. If I had just followed his advise and insights I would have made a lot more money and saved a lot of time chasing dreams with the wrong companies!

Debra Tanner
LA California

Most Thought Provoking Information
Dale, your writings over the last few years are some
of the most thought provoking, insightful stuff about MLM released.

Kerry L. Hein

Tells it like it is
There is no question that Dale is one of the most controversial teachers in network marketing, because
he tells it like it is. If he feels he can help people he doesn’t care whose toes he steps on, including, companies, distributors, and other MLM trainers.

I respect him for that.

Jerry Clark

If you are not in Dale Calvert’s World, GET IN IT!
I don’t make a major move in my MLM business without getting council
and insight from Dale Calvert. His insights and understanding will make
a major positive impact on your business, get in his world!

Bruce Matsuno

By Now You’re Probably Wondering:
“How Much Is This Great Information Going To Cost Me?”
The eBook alone can easily be the difference between Success and Mediocrity in your MLM business. I can even go so far as to say that without this information the odds of you making it are about as likely as finding a needle in a hay stack.If you are involved in any of the companies listed below this book is mandatory, because each one of these companies is placed in a specific category with marketing tips on how to maximize your growth with them.

Mary Kay
Nu Skin-Big Planet-PhotMax
NSA/Juice Plus
The Limu Company
M2C Global
Sensaria Natural Bodycare
Warm Spirit
PrePaid Legal
Send Out Cards
Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing
Your Travel Biz
Financial Destination Inc.

If your company is not listed, it could mean it has absolutely no upside potential, but you can make that decision after you read the book.

What is it worth to have insights, and understandings that can mean the difference between success and mediocrity? It is hard to put a price on information this valuable, isn’t it!

eBooks such as these routinely sell in the $97.00 neighborhood which would be a great bargain, especially if it does indeed make the difference in your success or failure.
Spelautomater På Nätet
Surely your success is worth $97.00 isn’t it?

However, I want to make absolutely certain that this information is available to everyone who truly wants it and can benefit from it. Unlike many eBook authors, I didn’t write this for the money, and I am going to prove it to you in just a minute.

I have decided on $37.00 for your investment in this business changing information.

But, because I really want to see you succeed for a limited time I am going to offer this for not $37 but just $9.

Why so low Dale?

Well let me be totally upfront here. I have dozens of valuable training programs that we make available on over 40 websites. I know that when this book delivers and creates a paradigm shift for many of those that read it, you will be highly likely to invest in my other training systems and programs.More importantly my current clients and customers can also benefit from this information. They and you will become long term customers.
As the owner of a consulting and training company, long term customers are what I am seeking. Forgoing a few dollars to help you become successful will help me make much more money long term, plus create new coaching and consulting clients. If you are not successful, you will not remain in this industry or as customer.

Why not just give it away?

I seriously considered that, however if a person isn’t serious enough about their business to spend $9 then they won’t take the effort to actually internalize the information.After all you can’t even buy a large pizza for that. If you can’t Kolikkopelit Kirjaudu commit a measly nine bucks you probably wouldn’t even read this if I gave it to you.
If you won’t make a commitment this small you probably won’t study the information either. If you don’t internalize the information you won’t succeed and become a long term customer.

To make this truly irresistible you can also resell the report and receive 100% commission to your Paypal account immediately!!

Sell one copy and yours is free!

YES Dale,
I want to take advantage of your special deal and get my copy of
66 Total Page Copy Of MLM Today 2018
And automatically become an affiliate and be able to sell this at 100% commission to my Paypal account immediately
For the low price of $37 $9.00
(Special Limited Price)
(click only once)
Secure Payments
Made Through PayPal

Look at it this way — $37 $9.00 is really a teeny-tiny risk when you consider what a huge marketing advantage you can gain from avoiding the mistakes that the majority of network marketers will make in 2008 and beyond!

I tell you what, I’ll take all the risk, if you don’t believe the brain tweaks you get from this book is worth much more than the tiny $9.00 investment just let us know and we will immediately refund your investment anytime within the first 37 days, now I can’t be any fairer than that, can I?

If you are already getting great results from your MLM Opportunity, internalize this information and watch your results soar to new heights, I promise!

Dale Calvert

P.S. Seriously, for just $9.00 I’ll show you how to avoid the most common MLM mistakes and maximize your return on your time. How can you pass on that?P.P.S. If the 60+ page eBook isn’t enough, remember, you can turn around and resell the valuable information to your list, upline, downline, and sideline members (or with a link on your website). In 20 minutes you can make that $9.00 back times 10, 100, or even 1000! You get the FULL $9.00 directly to your account for every sale, the instant it’s made.
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